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Welcome to my world. My name is Fred Chege, a software development consultant with track record of excellence.

What's in it for you ?

What i gurantee you is freedom, freedom to focus on the most important aspects of your business by enabling you using Technology. I solve your problems using adaptive methods and tools to ensure your success.

Change the way you do business

Currently, technology can be the determinant of whether you achieve your business goals and succeed or fail in business. My major area of focus is coming up with solutions that will see your business make sure positive steps towards success. I do this by basing my solutions on three things:

  • Business processes and communication automation
  • Performance indicators applications
  • System integrations, automated reporting and analysis

How do i achieve this ?

I develop web applications, mobile applications and desktop applications based on the NEEDS of the client to come up with the best products/solutions that results in smooth business running.

Design & Development

The customer comes up with the look and feel of the applicaion which i proceed to develop.

Management & Marketing

Systems that indicate personel and marketing performance by inferencing the company's knowledge base.


Integrations with payment systems and other programs outside the systems boundary to achive proper communication.


I provide support for all the development which includes upgrades to match the new upcoming technologies.


Reporting is key in determining the usefulness of the system. Reports automation and dessimination is key.

Real Time Applications

Get realtime information on your mobile, desktop or web app with analysis and progress indicators features.

How much for the SOLUTIONS ?

Cost should not worry you when you want to evolve your business. I put emphasy on what am giving you and if it will give you value. I try as much as possible to work within the client's budget and advise apropriately on the solution that best fits your business. A solution is not a solution if it doesnt add value, come and lets work with what you have and see your business eleveted


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Looking for a system, ecommerce, mobile app?

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